Vikki Koplick.

Creator of A mission of love for animals 


Vikki Koplick (Devaki Ma)


I have a Accreditation Certificate since August 2018 as a Animal Healer.

7 years experience doing healings on my Horses , Dog and Cats and friends and families  Pets.

2 years experience at a healing clinic for the public.

I prefer to do the healings from a photo , name and small story rather than being near the animal.

I offer Distant Energy Healings for the Chakras and Aura . Pranic Healings for the physical body.

Animal Communication.

Questions Answered.

Finding it hard to make the decision about what to do at the end of life ? I can help .

Help with rehoming and settling in to new home.

Help to recover from injury and illness .

Behaviour issues.

Support during Precedures.

Disclaimer Does not substitute for Veterinary Care . Holistic Treatment Only

Australian Business Sole Trader. 

Mrs Vikki Koplick

ABN 15118014932

Sole Trader.


I live in Australia with My Husband and I have a grown daughter and son. My Dog and Cat. My Daughter and I have horses on Agistment.

When I was a Child I had Horses and dreamed of being a Vet. I ended up  still in the Health Industry as a Enrolled Nurse for people.

I started my spiritual journey full time when I retired from nursing to look after my children.  Then I discovered Energy work which helps maintain my Energy body. I had a thought that maybe I could use Energy Healing on my Horses. 

2012 I started giving my Horses healings. Part time training Horses with my daughter, I gave the Horses we trained healings. Many people like to call me a Horse Whisperer. I can talk to them. I had to learn how to Communicate with Dogs and Cats. That was where Energy Healing Training helped I recieved at Shanti Mission from Shakti Durgas Path of Ease and Grace seminars. I find it easier to do the healings from a picture I find a clearer connection. It is afterall my energy that is connecting to the animals energy. 

I have been doing the Energy Healings on our Horses for 7 years and many friends Horses , Dogs and Cats. I have helped rescue centre that rehome Dogs and Cats. Communicating with many strays or recently rehomed Pets to help with their confusion at what is happening to them.

I have done hundreds of healings in my 7 years experience  and each one is so different. Each animals situation, physical health or issues are different. Each energy body and chakras are so different.

I love being able to help Animals.  I feel so connected to Nature.

I use my spiritual gifts of clairvoyance, being a strong empath , knowledge of body systems from nursing. Knowledge of horse care from my experience owning Horses since i was a teen with my healings to back up physical  knowledge with inner plane knowledge.

I am a health professional. 

But my heart belongs to the animals.

The School I attended to learn Energy Healing. 


Shanti Mission is located in Australia and is a Accredited School.

PATH of Ease and Grace teaches people to scan energy and basic in energy care of your own Energy Body.

Then there is training to become a IYS Healer for people or

A Animal Healer.

Community of Healers and Souls with Missions supporting each other.

Mystery School and all things spiritual that lead to the journey of enlightenment and ways to find our Souls Work.

We have all prepared for lifetimes for this exciting life of possibilities. 

Shanti Mission offers training and experience in Clinics to Trainee Healers.