Healing Prices. 

Distance Energy Healings for Horses, Dogs and Cats.

I offer Distant Energy Healings for your Horses, Dogs and Cats.

Standard healing. 

Send me a Email with a picture and name of Pet.

Small story about why you feel they would benefit from a healing. 

Any questions you want to ask. 

Help to find answers.

Weekly healings to support through cancer or other serious illness. 

$50 for one off healings.

$40 for weekly healings. 

The healing work on the physical body and the chakras. 

Before I do a Energy Healing on any Animal I ask for Assistance from My Guides and The ANGELS and Saints.

This gives Protection , Right Action , Guidance , Light , Love and Healing from a Higher Power.

I call on my SOUL and Higher Self and the Spirit of the Animal getting the Healing.

Each Prayer or Invocasion is different and I am guided to say what is needed for each Pet.

Each Healing is different .

It is also important for protection when cleaning any Energy Body and puts a mesh protection around the aura of the animal while the healing is being performed. 

I then ask for pale blue energy to stabilise the aura and gold mesh to surround that and for the Healing to continue for 2 weeks and for the protection to stay in place while the Energy Integrates.

Owners have told me their Pets do  sleeps better and  eat better when given weekly healings  while living with chronic health conditions.