Angels love to help with Energy Healings and help us hold a Postive Vision for our future.
Angels love to help with Energy Healings and help us hold a Postive Vision for our future.

Mission Statement 

Accreditation Certificate as a Animal Healer.

To give as many Distance Energy Healings on Horses , Dogs and Cats as I can in my healing business.

To help Energy Healing for Pets to become part of all animal care. Not to take the place of Veterinary Care or Behaviour Trainers but to assist. 


A MISSION OF LOVE FOR ANIMALS fb page and Instagram. 


Share all the problems and solutions for our relationship with Animals. Quotes and information. Pictures and beauty. 


I have published two poems in The International Poetry Digest monthly this year. One of them was chosen to be in the International Poetry Digest monthly top 100 for 2019.


One souls spiritual journey to a mission of love for animals. 

The book starts in 2012 when I was introduced to Shanti Mission School of the Soul. I then learned my souls mission was to help Animals with energy healing. To use my spiritual journey, gifts, energy healing  and tools to help my relationship with nature and animals. 

I hope my story will help others feel they can use their journey to help Animals. I hope to introduce readers to what energy healing is about, why it would be huge if everyone learned it for animals. How it supports medical care. Helps with chronic conditions. Chakra and energy body care is not mainstream yet.  For the past 7 years I have experienced the benefits for myself, family, friends and Animals of cleaning, expanding and grounding theirs and my energy body. 

Expanding my chakras has supported a new level of confidence and self love. It has allowed me to let go of the past dysfunction. I was able to let go of much energy I carried for others as a empath. I was able to fully be grounded. It has been one of the greatest things i have ever done for myself. 

My medical mind and interests in health has been blown open. Each chakra relates to body parts and disease. There is never ending knowledge to learn about chakras and soul laws. 

The fact we can clean and grow them bigger for our animals as well. That was so exciting to my soul. This is where I started this journey and it keeps expanding because it is completed our relationship with animals and nature. How can we have a different perspective if we look at these relationships through the laws of the Soul? How can we understand the polarity of the world animals live in? What can we  do to stop feeling so helpless. This sense of hopelessness and the judgements. Can we ever learn to forgive each other in the treatment of Nature and our beautiful animals? 

I share with the reader the different ways I have learned to heal my relationship with self and the world. How I used my life skills, interests and experience to find my unique souls mission. 

Easy ways we can all see suffering from a different perspective. Learn to have true Compassion and to forgive self and others. Ways we can use faith and meditation to pull in light to create more peace for animals. 

When we make decisions from love the possibilities are endless. I hope to connect the reader to endless possibilities our hearts and soul can provide. 


o create prayers for Animals and share them in my Facebook group.


Sharing my healing experience on my Facebook group.

Distance Energy Healing for Animals Vikki Koplick ( Devaki Ma) 


For the Love of Animals.